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Our CEO's letter to all our friends       -          Our Family,Friends & Partners

Dear Family, Partners and Friends,

We wish you to join us in Celebration for this year 2020 has seen us reach 30 years in the Global Consulting business where we have met so many wonderful people, both clients, partners a few Celebrities both showbiz, Sporting and Political.

As we all face the uncertainty of Covid 19 which we hope our medical friends will get it under control over the coming months but if there is one good thing come out of this Covid 19 disaster is that I think all of us realise that there is more to life than just ourselves and I reach out to all of you to look around you and see who can we help today as surely another human being needs our help in some way

We at Mancala now are definitely 'Charity Minded' and will give 10% of our profits for charitable causes but not just to donate to the big causes who also do a great job but also to get involved with some of the actual cases to be able to experience the situation of those you help and we invite all our business associates to join us in this very important crusade.

To business for 2020 and on into 2021 please review our new  exciting 

'Client  Owned Funds for Projects

Stay Safe, 

Warmest regards

Richard Stuart-Fox - CEO- Mancala Group

                    Celebration         30 years in business-1990-2020

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