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An expanding industry

With the huge increase of digital streaming platforms, there’s never been a better time to launch your movie  or TV project. All it takes is your creative talent and someone to help you make it happen with a sensible financing package. We at Mancala have several years of experience putting together the correct legal and financing structures that can help you attract that all important movie finance.

Once you have your creatives and costings prepared, you’re ready to put your investment proposal in front of real investors who can turn your vision into entertainment reality. With Mancala at your side, you will have the added advantage of an experienced team who know how best to present your proposal in a format that film investors fully understand. Furthermore, we maintain our own database of thousands of potential investors who are specifically interested in financing media productions.

Whether you’re planning a blockbuster movie, documentary or a format for a TV show, Mancala is there to help you achieve success. 

The perfect proposal

Your movie financing journey starts with an investor presentation designed specifically for busy investors. It summarises your project by providing all the essential details in a single, well designed document that can be easily distributed in either print or digital formats.

Aligned to your presentation document, Mancala will also provide a website version of your proposal specifically for use in social media investment marketing - a sort of online presentation that can actively promote your project to the wider world.

Finally, Mancala provides access to our own database of investors that specifically targets those interested in financing entertainment productions.

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Taking Care of the legals

In order to attract movie finance, it is essential to have a correctly structured legal entity through which funding can be accumulated. Mancala will take care of structuring and registration of a Limited Liability Partnership suited for movie or TV productions. 

In addition to the legal entity itself, Mancala will also take care of the detail by providing tailor-made Limited Partner and General partner agreements and, where required by law, an optional private placement memorandum.

For clients who may still be at an early stage of planning, Mancala can be retained to provide a wide range of ancillary services that can help you build a detailed business plan and create your all-important budgets. Our extensive knowledge of the industry ensures that nothing gets left to chance - every detail is covered.

Help with creatives and budgeting

If you’re still at an early stage of planning your production, we have a team of retained industry professionals on hand ready to offer pre-financing advice on a wide range of issues. Our team members can be retained individually to provide just the help and advice you may be looking for. 

Whether it’s help with preparing your budgets, finding locations, preparing shooting schedules, reviewing scripts, hiring crew or even help with character creation and story line plots, we have the people to get you on the right track quickly and efficiently. 

Get in touch today and we will put you in touch with the skilled consultants you may need to bring your great ideas to life. 

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By partnering with Mancala Film Partnership, you can concentrate on your vision, wilst we focus on getting you into production. Furthermore, Mancala will finance up to 90% of the pre-production work, and arrange the investment of up to 100% of final production costs. If you want us to be part of your team, please get in touch using the contact form below.


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