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Mancala Group International is a World Wide Business operation and this one stop Website where you will find all the advice and expertise for Business Consultancy, Project Funding, Corporate Structures, Syndicated Funding and Bank Investment Guidance. This all coupled with the latest Internet design, presentation latest technology . We have seen it all and been in this business for over 30 years.

The World has changed since the Financial crash of 2008 and now the Banks and even Governments have an upward path to get world economies back to Growth and unemployment to an acceptable level, however this has created a problem for Investors who have funds to invest in profitable and secure projects and this is where Mancala and its associates have created an opportunity for themselves, project promoters and investors alike.

The new opportunity is for business people who have a good track record, assets to employ in the pursuit of good business that will activate good profitable projects and create growth for the worldwide economy. If you fit that criteria please apply as we are Ready, Willing and Able to ensure you the best possible preparation to access our investors to work with you to achieve your goals which can be financial loan or investment, a Joint Venture or even a Franchise set up.

Mancala Group International also has a human face and supports in need causes in today's world as part of its program is to encourage its rich clients to help the poor and a percentage of all earnings from this Business will go to worthy causes.


Mancala are professional, accurate and deliver what we promise in the timetable that we promise. Mancala invite any business to try our  FREE appraisal of their project proposal  for 10 million dollar projects and above. Please download & complete  our 'Enquiry Form' and return together with a brief 3 to 5 page Executive Summary


Mancala have been in business for over 30 years are fully competent  and expert on all project funding including Top Level Business and Marketing Planning, Corporate and Tax effective structures with connections in all Jurisdictions.  We further specialise in Capital Market Bond placement operations including but not limited to 504, 506


Consists of Business, Legal and Accounting specialists with over 30 years experience Worldwide with multilingual ability within our Group. Languages spoken are English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Georgian and Croatian.


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