MANCALA can provide a diverse range of capitalisation and financing services, either directly or through one of the many capital or insurance partners we represent. Whether it is simple mortgage finance or major project financing, MANCALA GROUP can be relied upon to package just the right deal for its clients. Listed below are a just a few of the facilities available through MANCALA GROUP.

Construction Loans

Equipment Financing

Lease Financing

Development Loans

Risk Capital

Acquisition Loans

Trade Credit Facilities

Startup Loans

Political and Credit Risk Insurance* Residual Value Insurance* Business Loans

For more information on any facility, or to discuss the many different ways MANCALA GROUP can assist you in your quest for finance, please contact the regional representative office nearest to you. MANCALA GROUP regrets that it is unable to deal with any general enquiries directly. All initial contact must be made through a representative office. If it is deemed necessary for your proposed transaction to be dealt with directly by our corporate HQ, you will be formally introduced to one of our account executives by our representative offices.

Regulation D Offerings * Facilities offered through MANCALA GROUP Insurance partners.

Surety Bonds*

Financial Guarantees*

Single Premium Deferred Annuity Programs*

Loan Guarantees*

Mortgage and Real Estate Guarantees*

Stock and Share Trading Guarantees and Buybacks* Stop Loss Protections*

Initial Public Offering (I.P.O.) Protection and Support Project Financing

BOT Structuring and Support

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