Mancala Consultancy in conjunction with its fiscal advisors can produce for the client a set of documents legally prepared known as a Placement Memorandum, this set of documents is almost always required for any form of equity placement but is also generally used for debt as well. This document is your ‘offering to a potential investor’ and is different from your business plan as it outlines your offer terms and conditions in return for the investors funds. The proposal is your offer but it will comply with the strict financial services regulation laws. The Memorandum will also include certain other documents as set out below:-

 A legal form of subscription,   

An investor disclosure questionnaire.  

Trust and custodian agreements.

 Filing Documents for Exemption from securities regulations if applicable.

Every case and client has a different set of complexities to achieve their funding aims but Mancala Consultancy have the professional team to undertake the most complex  placement or project funding in an all inclusive package for the complete service from start to finish.

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