Mancala Professionals specialise in undertaking the entire planning process, our service provides for a very basic plan to a Fortune 500 level plan. We can work with the client who already has his project plan skeleton done or a client who has a plan already produced. We are able to review alter and produce a final Business Plan which will be acceptable to our investment funding groups. The preparation process is undertaken on the Internet and Internet telephone basis however it is always necessary for Mancala Consultants to review the actual project site and interview the main project promoters and to meet with key personnel, it is a requirement of our investment partners. Mancala Consultants will advise on this aspect upon receipt of application for business planning services

Pitch Presentation Document

Mancala Consultancy  will prepare the “pitch” presentation document which is vitally important for attracting initial interest in your project. It is a short summary of your project plan presented in a quick and simple format. It is welcomed by our partners as it saves them valuable time and often results in our partners directing the project to the investors who specialise in the particular project matter, thereby saving you time and money. Mancala Consultants can produce a very attractive and highly acceptable presentation document for distribution by the client directly, or as part of our own Investor/Funder marketing program. This document with a set of basic financial information is also quite often used to approach an Investment Fund/Bank to obtain an initial offer of Funding with which to then develop the full business and marketing plan as to how the investors would prefer to fund the project

Placement Memorandum

Mancala Consultancy in conjunction with its fiscal advisors can produce for the client a set of documents legally prepared known as a Placement Memorandum, this set of documents is almost always required for any form of equity placement but is also generally used for debt as well. This document is your ‘offering to a potential investor’ and is different from your business plan as it outlines your offer terms and conditions in return for the investors funds. The proposal is your offer but it will comply with the strict financial services regulation laws. The Memorandum will also include certain other documents as set out below:-

 A legal form of subscription,   An investor disclosure questionnaire.  Trust and custodian agreements.

Filing Documents for Exemption from securities regulations if applicable.

Every case and client has a different set of complexities to achieve their funding aims but Mancala Consultancy have the professional team to undertake the most complex  placement or project funding in an all inclusive package for the complete service from start to finish.

Investor Search Marketing

With all the documentation produced you are now ready to find the Investor/Lender and this can be a time consuming process but Mancala Consultancy take the hard work out of this process of finding the investor/Funder for your project. Mancala Consultancy provides this service through its own database of over 5,600 accredited private investors and its associate Funding Group. Our investors will  accept proposals for all types of debt or equity participation, or even a combination of the two.  We are also able to interest Joint Venture partners whose involvement will bring in Bank funding which would not normally be available to the project in the early stages.

Our service works on the following program

1. An initial criteria search of our database is made to select only those investors who have a specific interest in the type of offer being made.

2. Your “Pitch Presentation Document” document is distributed to each investor with a formal introduction and recommendation by Mancala Consultants.

3. Responses are notified to our clients who can elect to undertake direct response themselves, or can instruct us to distribute the business plan and placement documents. In any event, all subscriptions will be sent directly to our clients for processing. Mancala Consultants does not provide processing services directly, but can arrange for an independent and qualified registrar to deal with this aspect if required. When Mancala Consultants is engaged to provide marketing services, we also provide a full back-up consulting package to ensure you know exactly how to handle response and what you will need to do in order to comply with securities regulations.

If you are interested in this service and would like a quotation for any of our services, please send us brief initial details via our contact page. We will normally respond within 24 hours

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