The Software

Software can be made available on a “White Box” basis. This means it’s customized exclusively for your gaming business and sold to you for your exclusive use on one gaming site. The one-time software licence for the complete suite of programs is $1,000,000. With this option, you would be free to franchise your gaming site through the use of gaming portals. However, you will not be able to redistribute the software to others.

For clients who have the appropriate gaming licences, we can provide a lower cost, complete online solution on a non-exclusive basis. This means that we will create your on-line casino, fully customized to reflect your corporate identity. You can either create your own web-shell, or leave us to create one for you. You will have all the functionality of our “White Box” product, and direct access to all of our high quality casino games. This licensing option will reduce your initial cost, but will incur a royalty fee based on 30% of your net profits.

This option is only available to established casino operations with a credible business plan for the following 2 years. Either licensing option will offer you the following features.

37 Vegas Style Casino Games

• Table Games

• Blackjack, Craps, American Roulette, European Roulette, Pai Cow Poker, Mini Baccarat, Let It Ride Poker,

Caribbean Poker, Three Card Poker, Casino War, Red Dog

• Slot Machines

• 14 different slot machines

• 4 different coin denominations: $.05, $.25, $1.00 and $5.00

• Single Line Slot Machines, Progressive Line Slot Machines, Bonus Round Slot Machines, Multi Line Slot

Machines, Wild symbols, Pay Multipliers and Scatter Pay

• Video Poker

• 12 different video poker machines


4 different coin denominations: $.05, $.25, $1.00 and $5.00 Jacks or Better, Jokers Wild and Deuces Wild


The Gaming System has been developed with competitors in mind and provides you with a high degree of customization of all graphics and game sounds. The on-line Casino also allows you to change any or all of the game rules, on the fly in REAL time. Complete customization means more marketing options and branding for you and more game play for your players.

 Tournament Game Play

Tournaments differ from regular casino play in that players compete against each other for real money. The Gaming System gives players more value and excitement for their money and increases the gaming site operator’s ability to provide quality entertainment with ongoing casino tournaments.Land preparation (this is an essential element to minimize future maintenance costs. This may involve covering all or some of the course with topsoil, and many even involve the laying of geotextiles to define the fairways and greens prior to covering with topsoil).

Turfing (golf courses usually have several grades of turf to create the various elements of the course. For example, the fairways will usually have a different grade of turf to the areas defined as ”greens’’)

General landscaping (this covers the cost of providing a scenic environment for the course as a whole and may include the introduction of local flora and fauna, trees and turfing, seeding or planting of areas known as the ‘’Rough’’

Irrigation (the entire course should have a pre-plumbed and automated irrigation system that will allow for the irrigation of all or selected parts of the course as weather conditions demand).

Superior Performance

All software is deployed on gaming servers with the newest, fastest and most robust technology. All gaming modules have been written using Sun’s Java programming language which has enabled us to create a robust and secure system. Using t~1acromedia Flash for the client side application has allowed us to create an online casino that will work in any browser, on any platform.

Random Number Generator

Random numbers are the most important aspect of ensuring fair and profitable casino games. Using KryptionTM random number generator (RNG) you can be secure in knowing that your gaming payout percentages will reflect real Vegas odds and fairplay. The KryptiontM RNG is created with a complicated and robust software algorithm to create an accuracy and dependability in random number generation that few online gaming providers can match. Our RNG has been independently tested and verified as random by the global testing company, Technical Systems Testing.

The Management System

The licensee Toolbox is an invaluable tool designed to assist you in successfully managing and maintaining your Internet gaming operation. The Toolbox works across all games, so you can manage records and reports individually or as a whole. The Toolbox provides access to detailed accounting, customer management, reporting, marketing and promotional features.

ed to outside professional caterers)


Over 90 million people worldwide now gamble on-line, with estimated global revenues exceeding $40 BILLION. These figures are set to increase year on year as internet gaming sites become more regulated, and thus safer for players. It’s a huge global market where the stakes are very high.

Establishing a land-based casino can cost well over $300 million and requires an army of payrolled staff and ongoing security and overhead costs. However, an online casino typically cost about $1.5 and can be operated by a small handful of personnel from the comfort and safety of a small office anywhere in the world.

It has been established that almost 80% of gamblers now gamble on-line instead of visiting a land-based casino. However, although the number of gamblers is increasing, the number of on-line casinos is declining. This is due to legislation in more and more countries which is imposing greater controls over the industry through tougher, licensing laws.

Now, MGI can offer a full turnkey operation to interested operators. Furthermore, the operation will be fully licensed in accordance with the toughest international regulations, and will be hosted in a fully regulated jurisdiction. We also provide an offshore company that will own and operate the on-line casino.

Any good online casino is only as good as it’s software. MGI has teamed up with the market leader in on-line gaming software to ensure that operators have the best choice, and most technically advanced games currently available.

The Toolbox

The Back Office Administration Tool offers instant access to detailed customer management features, including player registration, account balances, deposits and withdrawals. The Back Office Tool also provides real time access to game administration, including the ability to manage and adjust game rules.

The Reports Tool of the Toolbox gives you daily access to important financial and profit reports, demographic reports, customer profile reports and connectivity reports. These reports give you a detailed knowledge of your business and player activity.

The Advertising Tool provides you with up to date information on all of your marketing and promotional efforts. The ability to track various advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns is paramount to your success as a gaming operator. The Toolbox assists you in successfully planning your marketing expenditures by monitoring the effectiveness of your advertising, marketing and partnership efforts.

The Post Office gives you an easy way to create or edit all software related email on your gaming site. Easily add, remove or edit all automated customer emails and send specific daily or weekly promotions to all or part of your user database.

The Toolbox also gives you access to the cash management area. Club Cash is the exclusive player loyalty program of the Gaming System and can be customized to suit your marketing needs. What better way to reward and incentivize your players, than to offer redeemable loyalty points across all of your games.

The Toolbox makes you a leader with superior game site management.

The MANCALA Package Deal

Under a special arrangement with the software developers, reputable international law firms and custodians, MANCALA can offer a complete turnkey solution to those who wish to become Game Site Operators. Our fully packaged service removes the normal time consuming and expensive option of having to obtain licenses, obtaining approvals for the gaming system, and complying with the normal financial reserve requirement imposed by many licensing authorities. Under the terms of this exclusive package, MGI offers the following services at an all-inclusive cost.

• Registration of an offshore Company, complete with virtual office, telephone and fax facilities.

• Provision of full nominee services.

• Dealing with the regulatory authorities to obtain a Gaming License, and providing proof of sufficient


• Provision and submission of software approval certificates.

• Opening of an offshore Bank account with Internet Banking facilities.

• Customizing and setting up your gaming site on high powered servers in a jurisdiction where such sites

may be hosted.

• Provision of an operating license for the appropriate jurisdiction.

• Provision of secured and encrypted payment gateways to allow clients to make payments via Credit Card

and direct bank transfer.

• Supply and installation of your back-office administration system.

• Full 24/7 site maintenance and technical support.

This package is provided for a fixed set-up cost from €25,000. Your only additional expenses will be the monthly royalty fees which will be based on TBA% of your net profits. This royalty will be automatically deducted from your account prior to disbursement of your profits from the payment processor.

From the point of ordering this package, your on-line gaming site will be ready to operate within 4 - 6 weeks.

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