650,000 ACCREDITED and Pre-Qualified INVESTORS

Mancala Group has the ability to send your financial proposal direct to qualified and knowledgeable  investors due to its access to an enormous investor audience. This investors are already accredited and Pre-Qualified on an email database all of which have to be worth a minimum $1 million US and they are alsopre-qualified having already demonstrated a proven track record in the past.

The Database positions placements in front of a whole range of specialists in the target group for the project entrepreneurs who are purchasers of stocks, bonds, incoming producing investments, insurance and real estate. They are always on the investor seminars and subscribe to financial publications and they buy and sell many investment opportunities which make them a profit by way of capital growth and appreciation.

Demographic Profile of Investors

. 85% Males

. 83% Age: 40-69

. 59% $150,000 + Annual Income

. 39% $1,000,000 + Investment Portfolio

In any placement we only use a part of our Database depending upon the project placement being undertaken. Clients who are using our full placement services will enjoy access to all the the appropriate investors for their project within out pricing structure.

For clients wishing to retain Mancala Group for investment marketing purposes please review the scale of charges below:

. Base Cost (for Compilation): €250.00

. Cost per 1000 Contacts: €500.00

. Minimum Order 10,000 contacts

. As this is a proprietary Database, we will not provide actual contact information electronically and we will instead transmit emails on behalf of our clients within 3-5 days of approval of the mailing content.

The Contact information of all respondents to the email will become the property of the client who may then consider the respondents to be their own contacts for present and future use. Non-Respondent information will not be provided but proof of mailing numbers will be proved to the client independently.

For most private placements in our experience a maximum of 10,000 contacts is sufficient because at a take up of generally 5% with a mandatory $50,000 per investor would be sufficient to raise $25 million.

Of course the success of mailing will be mainly dependent on the quality of the project, the nature of the investment and its proposal presentation

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