We explain that for many services which generate a ‘Fee for Job’. A client only incurs a fee if a client requests Mancala Group to carry out a job from our list of services for the client which the client could also undertake with his own fiscal advisers.

Mancala does not ask for fees in advance or otherwise in connection with arranging investment or debt finance, we only charge for legitimate chargeable services that are needed for the financial placement operations which have been requested by the client. In many cases clients already have their own retained professional advisers in the form of Lawyers and Accountants who can prepare this work for the client and Mancala Group is quite agreeable where this is the case to undertake the job utilising the client’s retained professionals. In such a case NO FEES will be payable to Mancala Group except for success fees which will be separately stipulated.

Mancala Group will still be prepared to undertake the financial placement operations without any consulting or other services being a condition of our involvement.

Clients who elect to use their own professionals are advised to contact a Mancala Group Representative to obtain a checklist of the documentation required for a specific placement operation. When the client’s professionals have prepared everything, they can submit all the documents as part of their financial placement application. Once submitted Mancala Group will present the client with their Success Fee agreement which the client must sign before Mancala Group will undertake any placement work.

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