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Financing a business project is a difficult process, one that requires a set of predetermined steps to convince investors to invest the capital resources into your project. We, at Mancala Group can make this process easier. If a project proposition is generally  good it  always has a good chance of success but what makes the difference is for the project promoter to make the correct presentation containing the relevant information that the banks and investors want to see.  A good presentation on a mediocre project has more chance of succeeding than  a good project with bad presentation with a lack of documentation and supporting evidence which is always needed by the Capital market investors.

We, at Mancala Group can help you directly as a project consultant  or through the pages of this web site, we will guide you through the whole process to ensure that your application is correct both technically and financially which will give it the best chance of success.

Mancala Group together with their specialist associates have been involved in the Capital Markets Investment business for many years and have helped many clients to succeed in financing their projects

Mancala Group invite you to review the information downloads the Consultancy page which contain a series of  documents that set out the basic requirements of any potential investment/funding source.

Once you have read our information pages and you feel you are ready, we can take you to the next step with a range of services designed to provide an effective interface between your business and the world capital and financial markets. Please check out our services page for more information on what we can do to help and the costs involved


Obtaining your required Finance

Mancala Consultancy has TWO main functions, FIRSTLY to get you the Finance you require on terms acceptable to you and SECONDLY terms acceptable to our financial partners and investors.

The first step is for Mancala Group to assess and evaluate with the client  the merits of the client’s project and to decide with the client the best route for securing the required finance. All transactions are different as are the clients who promote them and between the parties we will establish a tailor made proposal to suit the clients and the finance partners alike

The second step having completed the project proposal is to market your business proposition to the markets world wide. Mancala Consultants specialise in this operation both by Internet circulation and we have a database of over 5,600 accredited private and institutional investors all of whom are constantly seeking new and profitable investment opportunities. Furthermore, we represent an exclusive funding group who have $111 billion under management who seek Joint Ventures with interesting project proposals.

We do not make our database and associate groups available for general use, and we won’t  promote any clients proposal to our database and associates until we are satisfied that the clients proposal has been correctly formulated and has a real chance of success. If you want to know more about Mancala Group approval process, contact us If you would like to see our services, go to our downloads please. Please note,  we do not undertake any project whose value is less than $10 million (or the equivalent in other currencies).

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